Ramayan: Explore The Knowledge

Ramayan: Explore The Knowledge

Ramayan: Explore The Knowledge :- Ramayan is a unique epic of Sanskrit written by poet Valmiki. Its 24,000 verses are. This is the part of the Hindu memory, through which the raga of Raja Ram of Raghuvansha is said. It is also called Adikavya and its creator Maharishi Valmiki is also called ‘Adikvi’. There are seven chapters of Ramayana which are known as Kand.


Composition Of Ramayan

Some Indians say that it was written before 600 BC. The device behind it is that the Mahabharata which came after it is silent about Buddhism, though it describes the other traditions of Jain, Shaiva, Pashupat etc. Therefore, Ramayana should be before Gautam Buddha ‘s era. It should also be from language-style even before the time of Panini.

The first and last remain of the Ramayan was possibly added later. From Chapter two to seven, most of the emphasis is on the fact that Ram was the incarnation of Vishnu. According to some people, Greek and many other references in this epic show that this book cannot be preceded by the second century BC but this notion is controversial. The time before 600 BC is also true that the Buddhist people describe the characters of the Ramayana, whereas in the Ramayan the character of the Jatak is not described.

Creation according to Hindu calendar

The time of Ramayan is believed to be Tretayug. According to Indian calculations, the time has been divided into four eras – Satyug, Tretayug, Dwapar Yug and Kaliyug. A Kaliyug is 4,32,000 years old, between 864,000 years, Treta era is 12, 9, 6,000 years and Satyuga is 17,28,000 years old. According to this calculation, the time of Ramayan is proved to be at least 870,000 years (5,118 years of present kalyuga + 8,64,000 years of Dwapra era).

According to Ramayan Mimansa’s composer Dharmasamrut Swami Karpattri, Govardhan Puri Shankaracharya Peeth, Pandit Jawalprasad Mishra, Srideh Vaishnavaritam’s composer Shree Bhagavatam and Guru, according to Shriram Avatar Shvetavarah Kalpa, the seventh Vavaswat of Mantovani was in the Twenty-Fourth Trinity era, according to which Sriramchandra ji’s period is about two and a half million years ago. In this context, the evidence is given from Piyush, Bhusundi Ramayan, Padma Purana, Harivansh Purana, Vayu Purana, Sanjivani Ramayan and Puranas.

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Ram Katha (Ramayan)

According to Tulsidas Ji, the religious writer of Sanatan religion, the story of Shri Ram was first described by Lord Shankar to Mata Parvati Ji. Where Lord Shankar Parvati was listening to the story of Lord Rama, there was a nest of Kaga (Kauwa) and sitting inside it was also listening to that story. Prior to the story, Mother Parvati came to sleep but the bird heard the whole story. 

The reincarnation of the same bird was in the form of Kakbhusubundi. Kakbhusudandji narrated this story to Garuda ji. This sacred story of Shriram emanating from the mouth of Lord Shankar is known by the name of Spirituality Ramayana. Satyamatma Ramayan is considered to be the first Ramayan in the world.

Due to the change in heart, after becoming a sage from a bandit and after acquiring knowledge, Valmiki recaptured the same verse of Lord Shri Ram. The story of Lord Shree Ram by the name of Maharishi Valmiki is known as Valmiki Ramayan. Valmiki is called Adikavi and Valmiki Ramayan is also known as Adi Ramayan.

After the power of the foreigners in the country, Sanskrit was eroded And the Indian people started forgetting their own culture due to the lack of proper knowledge and the influence of foreign power. Knowing such a situation, the great saint, Shri Tulsidas Ji once again wrote the holy story of Lord Rama in the native language for the public awareness. 

Sant Tulsidas Ji named this book Ramcharitmanas [ Goddess], written by Lord Rama ‘s welfare story written by him. In general, Ramcharitmanas is known as Tulsi Ramayan.

In the long run, the story of Lord Shri Ram has been written by many scholars many times in his own wisdom, knowledge, and opinion. In this way, many compositions of many Ramayan have been formed.


In Short, Ramayan

According to Hindu scriptures, Lord Rama was the incarnation of Vishnu. The purpose of this incarnation was to guide mankind to ideal life in the death zone. Eventually, Sriram killed King Ravana of the monster caste and restored religion.

Children's ear

In the city of Ayodhya, there was Dasharatha, who had the wives of Kaushalya, Kakeyi, and Sumitra. To get children, Ayodhyapati Dasharath commanded the son Kameshti Yajna by the command of his guru, Shri Vashishta, whom Rigi Rishi accomplished. Agnīdev was pleased with the devotional offerings, and he himself manifested itself to Dasharath, who gave him a dashishapatra (kheer, emulsion ) which he divided into three wives.

 As a result of the consumption of kheer, Ram was born from the womb of Kaushalya, Bharat from the womb of Kaikeyi and Laxman and Shatrughan, born of Sumitra ‘s womb. When the princes grew up, they took Rishi Vishwamitra Raja from Dasharath by asking for Ram and Lakshman to protect them from the monsters of the Ashram. Ram killed the demons like Takka and Subahu and killed Marich with an arrow without fruit and crossed the sea. 

Laxman killed the entire army of monsters. On receiving the invitation of Raja Janak for Dhanushya, Vishwamitra Ram and Lakshman came to Mithila ( Janakpur ) in their city. On the way, Ram saved the woman Ahali from Gautam Muni. In Mithila, Sita, the daughter of King Janaka, also known as Janki, was also known as Swayamwar, where according to Vanaprastha, Ram broke Shivanudu and Ram married Sita. Along with the marriage of Rama and Sita, Guru Vashishtha from Bharat ‘s Mandvi, Lakshman ‘s Urmila and Shatrughna ‘s Shritakirtita.

Ayodhya Kand

After some time Ram ‘s marriage, King Dasharath wanted to coronate Ram. On this, the god worried people that Ram would be impossible to kill Ravana after getting the state. Disturbed, he prayed to Goddess Saraswati to take any kind of remedy. Saraswati gave up the intellect of Manthara, who was the slave of Kaikeyi. With the advice of Mathara, Kaikey went to Kopa Bhavana. 

When Dasaratha came to celebrate, Kaikeyi demanded from him the boon that Bharat should be made king and Ram be sent to exile for fourteen years. Sita and Lakshman along with Ram also went to the forest. Nishadraaj Ghai, in Riggerpur, served a lot of three. After some hesitation, Kavita threw the three across the river Ganga. Ram reached Bharadwaj muni after reaching Prayag. Ram Yamuna bathing from there, Valmiki reached the ashram of the sage. 

According to the Valmiki’s mantra nana, Rama, Sita, and Lakshman reside in Chitrakoot. Dasaratha died in Ayodhya due to son’s separation. Vashishta got Bharat and Shatrughan from his Nihal. Upon his return, Bharata took his mother’s catechism, for his arrogance, and expressed his disbelief and performed the funeral of Dasharath according to the wishes of the teachers. Bharat rejected the state of Ayodhya and came back to Chitrakoot with all the friends for bringing back Ram. Kaikeyi too was very sorry for his actions. Sita ‘s parents Sunayna and Janak [8] also reached Chitrakoot. 

Bharat and all others proposed to rule Ram after returning to Ayodhya, which Rama, to obey the father’s orders and to do the Raghavan, invalidated it. Bharat came back to Ayodhya with his loving people along with Ram’s Paduka. He insulated Ram ‘s Paduka to the throne and resided in Nandigram.


After some time Ram visited Chitrakoot and he reached the ashram of Atri Rishi. Atri praised Rama and his wife Anasuya explained Sita to the patriarchal religion. From there, Ram left ahead and met with Sharbhanga Muni. Shraghang Muni was residing there only with the wishes of Ram and therefore, after fulfilling his desire for the blessings of Rama, burnt his body with Yoghagya and passed the Brahmalko.

And as soon as he went ahead, he saw a bunch of bones in place of which the Munis told Ram that the monsters have eaten many Munis and they are the bones of those same Munis. On this, Rama pledged that he would destroy the monsters by killing all the monsters. Ram proceeded and entered the Pathak forest in the path of meeting with Sunshine, Agastya etc. to the Rishis, where he met Jatayu. 

Ram made Panchavati his place of residence. Ravan ‘s sister Shurpanhaa came to Panchavati and prayed to Ram. Ram sends him to Lakshman by saying that he is with his wife and his younger brother is alone. Laxman rejecting his love affair and knowingly kissed his nose and ears after knowing the enemy’s sister. Swaroopkha demanded help from the spoil and she came to fight with her army. In the battle, Ram blamed Khar-fury and his army. Surupaqa went and complained to her brother Ravana. 

Ravana sent the Marich to gold for revenge and sent it, which demanded the bark whose bait Sita demanded from Ram. Laxman ordered him to protect Sita and went behind him to kill Ram Swarnamrag Rupi Marich. Marich was killed in the hands of his wife, but after dying, Marich made the voice of Ram and crushed the ‘Hai Lakshman’, listening to which Sita feared and sent Lakshman to Ram. After Laxman ‘s departure, Ravana alone seized Rita and seized him along with him. On the way, Jatayu fought with Ravana to save Sita, and Ravan cut his wings and made him miserable. Not finding Sita, Ram became very sad and began to moan. On the way, when he met Jaitau on the way, he told Ram to take his plight through Ravana and carry Sita to the south direction. 

After telling all this, Jatay gave up his life and Ram made his last rites and proceeded further within the intensive forest in search of Sita. On the way, Rama slaughtered the Gandharva Kabindha, a monster, due to the curse of Durvasa and reached the ashram of Shabri where he took the false beetles given by him in the custody of his devotion. Thus Ram went ahead in the search of Sita in the intensive forest.


Ram came near Rishimuk mountain. Sugriva lived with his enchanters on that mountain. Sugriva, in the fear that if Balika did not send these two heroes to kill him, Hanuman was sent as a Brahmin to take information about Rama and Lakshman. 

After knowing that Balaji has not sent him, Hanuman has made friendship with Ram and Sugriva. Sugriva convinced Ram that Jaanki will be found and will help him in finding him, as well as talk about his brother Bali ‘s atrocities committed on his own. Ram tricked Bali by giving deceit to Sugriva as the state of Kishkindha and Angad, son of Bali, the crown prince. After attaining the state, Sugriva got involved in luxury and rain and fall in the fall. 

On the displeasure of Ram, Sugriva sent the apes for the discovery of Sita. The apes in search of Sita appeared in a cave in a tapaswini. Taswasini reached the search team on a beach by yogic power, where his gift came from the property. Sampati told the apes that Ravana has kept Sita in Lanka Ashok Vatika. Jambvant encouraged Hanuman to cross the sea.


Hanuman left for Lanka. Suras took the examinations of Hanuman and blessed him for being able and capable. On the way, Hanuman slaughtered the demon who captured the shadow and attacked Lanka and entered Lanka. He was presented with his wife. When Hanuman reached Ashok Vatika, Ravan was threatening Sita. 

On the departure of Ravan, Trigata gave Sita an end. On being solitary, Hanuman met with Sita and gave him the ring of Ram. Hanuman killed Ashok Vatika and killed Ravana ‘s son Akshay Kumar. Meghnath took Hanuman in Nagpasha and took him to the meeting of Ravana. In response to Ravana ‘s question, Hanuman introduced himself as the messenger of Rama. Ravana tied the oil in Hanuman ‘s tail and set fire on it, Hanuman burnt a fire on it. Hanuman reached near Sita. 

Sita gave her a climb and sent her away. They came back to the sea and met all the apes and all went back to Sugriva. Ram was very pleased with the work of Hanuman. Ram reached the beach with the army of the apes. On the other hand, Vibhishan explained to Ravana that Ravan did not hate him, Ravan overturned Vibhishan to humiliate him from Lanka. Vibhishan came to the shelter of Ram and Ram declared him the king of Lanka. 

Rama pleaded to give way to the sea. Rama was angry at not accepting his request and after being frightened by his anger, the sea came to himself and after asking for Rama, the tap and the way of making a bridge through Neel said the solution.

Lanka and (War count)

With the help of Jambvant, both the brothers Nal-Neal tied the bridge over the sea with the help of the Vanar Sena.  Shri Ram established Lord Rameshwar and worshiped Lord Shankar and crossed the sea with the army. Ram traveled across the sea and camped by Ram. Ravana was very disturbed by the news of pulling the bridge and going across Ram ‘s ocean. Ravan ‘s ego did not go on even after convincing Mandodari to avoid hating Rama. Here, Ram starts residing with his Vanarsena at Subel Mountains. 

Angad went to Ravan in Lanka by becoming a messenger of Ram and gave him the message of coming to Ram ‘s refuge, but Ravana did not believe. The war started when all efforts of peace were unsuccessful. Laxman and Meghnad have a great battle in the middle. Laxman fainted by the power of Shaktiban. Hanuman Sujon brought Vaidya to his treatment and went to bring Sanjivani. 

On receiving the news from the detective, Ravan sent Kalname to halt Hanuman ‘s work, which Hanuman killed. Due to lack of identification of the drug, Hanuman took the entire mountain back and returned. In the path of Hanuman being a monster, Bharat fainted by arrows, but knowing the reality, sitting on his arrow and sent back to Lanka. Seeing the delay in coming medicine, Ram began to moan. 

At the right time, Hanuman came with medicines and with the help of sujan, Lakshman became healthy. Ravana wakes up Kumbhakarna for the war. Kumbhakarna also gave Ravana an unsuccessful mantra to visit Ram’s refuge. In the war, Kumbhakarna attained supreme glory at the hands of Rama. Laxman wrestled Meghnad and killed him. Ram and Ravana had many fierce battles and in the end, Ravana was killed in Ram ‘s hands. After submitting the state of Lanka to Vibhishan, Rama ascended to Pushpakvima with Ram Sita and Lakshman and left for Ayodhya.



Uttarkanda is the epilogue of Ram Katha. Ram returned to Ayodhya with Sita, Laxman and all the Vanarsena. Ram received a grand reception, with Bharat, the joy spread among the people. The coronation of Rama is accompanied by the praise of the Vedas and Shiva. The visitors were farewell. Ram preached the people and the people expressed gratitude and the people expressed gratitude. 

The four brothers have two sons, two. Ramrajya became an ideal. Along with the above-mentioned things, Goswami Tulsidas Ji heard Ramakishtha dialogue, Narada Ji in Ayodhya, praising Ramchandra Ji, listening to Ramaktha and Ram-Mahima with Kakbhusundi Ji of Shiva-Parvati Dialogue, Garuda Moh, and Garud Ji, The story of Kakbhusundi ji’s paternal ancestry, knowledge-devotion formation, knowledge and great glory of devotion, seven questions of Garuda and answers to Kakbhusudandi ji etc. 

There is also a detailed description of. Where Tulsidas Ji has finished Ramcharitmanas by writing the above description, Adikvi Valmiki in his Ramayana narrative of Ravan and Hanuman’s birth in Uttarakhand, Execution of Sita, Raja Nrag, Raja Nimi, King Yayati and Ramrajya Dog’s prose verses, the birth of Lakkhush, Rama’s ritual of Ashwamedh Yajna, and in that yagya, his sons Love and the Kak by Mahakavi Valmiki Rachi The Ramayana singing, Abyssal entry of Sita, Leaving Lakshman. In Valmiki Ramayana, the conquest of Uttarkand is done only after the Mahaprayan of Ram.

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