What is Facebook? | How Does it Works?

Facebook is a free social networking service on the Internet, through which its members can keep in touch with their friends, family, and acquaintances. This Facebook Inc Is run by a private company called. Its users can join the networks set up in the city, school, workplace or area and exchange ideas among themselves. It was started by Mark Zuckerberg, a Harvard student in 2004. Then the name was The Facebook. Soon after the college networking website became popular on this college campus. Within a few months, the network became known throughout Europe. Its name was Facebook in August 2005. Facebook has the facility of working with other languages in Hindi also.

Facebook has entered into an agreement with mobile service provider companies of 40 countries including India. Under this agreement, a new Facebook site will be used for free on mobile. This website is a text version of Facebook. Reliance Communications and Videocon will provide this service on mobile in India. Soon after this service will be started on Tata Docomo. Apart from photos and videos, all other Facebook services will be available.

Those who use Facebook use their profile page and provide information about themselves. It contains details of their name, photo, date of birth and workplace, school and college etc. Through this page, people can find their friends and acquaintances by putting their name, email and so on. Along with this, they can also join an endless series of friends and acquaintances. Users of Facebook can also create their own group here.

 This group can also be from their school, college or their interest, city, any habit , nd race. The group can be of some people too and people can be invited to join it too. Through this, all those who know about any event, seminar or any other occasion can also be invited together.

Twitter had the ability to send 140 characters ‘state message updates’ to countless subscribers to mobile and computers, whereas for Facebook users this limit was limited to only 5000 people. Members can add up to 5000 people only to their profile or make friends. Because of the limited number of people connecting with a particular profile on Facebook, ‘States Update’ can also reach limited people. 

Users on Facebook have the facility to tell their friends what they are doing or at what particular time they are saying ‘Update the States’. Through Facebook and Twitter’s mutual cooperation, Facebook will release a software in the near future, through which the ‘States Update’ on Facebook will be updated directly on Twitter. Now people will be able to tell their friends through very short messages about where they are, what they are doing

Public page means pages that everyone can see and people can know what activities of their ideal leader, dear pop star or social organization are. After joining Facebook’s Twitter, companies, organizations, celebrities will be able to communicate directly with their fans and supporters, who will be able to tell them what they are doing and share their photos with them. Currently, this facility is available only to people with public page profiles. 

Making Facebook’s public page is becoming very popular in recent days. Among the public page makers are US President Barack Obama, French President Nicola Sarkozy and Rock Band U-2. Apart from these, many big celebrities, musicians, social organizations, companies have opened their accounts on Facebook. These celebrities or organizations want to share things related to their fans with their fans, then using Facebook for mutual communication We do.

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