Top 10 Places To Visit

See the best places to visit in the world and enjoy with your family. And visit best places in the world which take you to high and that make you feel happy

Here the top 10 list give below….
1.The Great Wall of China

:China’s huge wall is a castle wall made of clay and stone, which was built from the fifth century BC to the sixteenth century to protect the northern invaders from various rulers of China. Its vastness can be estimated from the fact that this man-made structure can be seen from space. This wall is spread over an area of 6,400 kilometers (10,000 li, sugar length measurement unit) .It extends from Shanhiguan in the east to Lop Nur in the west and the total length is approximately 6700 km (4160 miles).Although according to recent survey of archaeological survey department, the overall Great Wall 8,851.8 km, including all its branches (5,500.3 miles).More than one million people were appointed to protect the Ming dynasty on its rise.It is estimated that about 20 in this Great Wall Construction Project Three million people took their lives.

2.Taj Mahal

: Taj Mahal is an excellent example of Mughal architecture. Its architectural style is a unique combination of Persian, Turk, Indian * Islamic architectural components. In 1983, the Taj Mahal became the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Along with this, it was described as one of the finest human works, receiving universal acclaim of World Heritage. The Taj Mahal has also been declared the gem of Islamic art of India. Generally, the cobblestone of the sawmills is not made like the buildings covered with large ribs and it is covered with a white dome and a tile size of a marble in. The highlight of the structure of the Taj Mahal building is that it is completely symmetrical. Its construction was almost completed around 1648.Ustad Ahmad Lahauri is often regarded as its chief architect.The area of about three acres was dug, and it was filled with litter carcasses and made it fifty meters high above the river surface, Rescue from etc. In the area of the tomb, the foundation place was made by digging fifty wells and filling it with pebbles. Instead of the traditional pad (scaffolding) of bamboo, the structure of a very large brick was made similar to the tomb. This structure was so large that it took years for removal of the engineers by estimating them. 

3. The Great Pyramid of Giza

: Egyptian pyramids are the monuments for the then pharaoh (monarch) monuments in which the bodies of the kings are buried and kept safe. These dead bodies are called Mami. Along with their dead bodies, food, drinks, clothes, jewelry, utensils, musical instruments, arms, animals and sometimes even the ministerial servants were buried.Just like India, the Egyptian civilization is also very old and the remains of ancient civilization are called the Gaurav Gatha. So, there are 138 pyramids in Egypt, and unlike the three general beliefs in Giza in Cairo, only Giza’s ‘Great Pyramid’ is in the list of seven wonders of the ancient world. In the seven ancient wonders of the world, this is the only such memorial, which could not end the flow of time.This pyramid is 450 feet high. For 43 centuries it was the tallest structure in the world. In the 19th century, the record of its height was broken. Its premises spread over 13 acres, which is about 16 football grounds. It is made up of 25 lakh limestone segments, each of which weighs between 2 and 30 tons. The Great Pyramid is made so precision that the current technique can not repeat such a work. Until a few years ago, scientists were unable to detect its micrometer (symmetry) until the instrument of measuring instruments from the laser rays was invented, the only thing to make a replica is far away! Evidence shows that it was built as a grave by the fourth dynasty of Khufu, ruler of Egypt, about 2,560 years ago. It takes about 23 years to build it.

4. Eiffel Tower

:Eiffel Tower is a Iron Tower located in Paris, France’s capital. It was built in Paris in 1887-1889 in Shamp-de-Mars, on the banks of the River Seine. This tower is one of the remarkable constructions in the world and symbolizes the culture of France. The Eiffel Tower is composed by Gustav Eiffel and named after Eiffel Toner in his name. The Eiffel Tower was composed for the 1889 Global Fair. When the Eiffel Tower was built, it was the tallest building in the world. The height of the tower at today’s date is 324 meters, which is equal to the height of the traditional 81-storey building. This building, without an antenna peak, is the second highest building after France’s Miyo (French: Millau) flower in the city. This three-storey tower is open for tourists 365 days a year. This tower is the top spot among the world’s buildings seen by tourists buying tickets.

5. The Golden Gate bridge

:The Golden Gate Setu is a swing bridge connecting both ends of the San Francisco Bay in the San Francisco City of America. This is part of America’s Highway 101 and State Way 1. When the bridge was ready in 1937, it was the longest pool in the world, and it became an international symbol of both San Francisco and California.


:Stonehenge is a famous prehistoric architecture situated in Britain’s Wiltshire County. This is a megalithic sludge (a sphere made by arranging large rocks). In it, a cycle was made by standing taller than 7 meters (23 feet) in the earth. Historians estimate that it was built in the Stone Age and the Bronze Age from 3000 BCE to 2000 BC.There is a difference of opinion among the scholars about the purpose of the ancient manufacturers of Stonehenge, but here in the days before 3000 BCE, Icons are found in which the oldest estates are of a deceased fire in 3000 BC.

7.The Colosseum

:Colosseum or Coliseum (Latin: Amphitheatrum Flavium, Italian Anfiteatro Flavio or Colosseo) Italy is the largest eliptical ambient of the Roman Empire, built between Rome’s country. This is considered to be the best specimen of Roman architecture and engineering. It was created by the then ruler Vespian between the 70th – 72nd AD and in the 80th century it was completed by Emperor Titus. Between 81 and 96 years, there were some more changes in the reign of Domitian. The name of this building is due to the family name Flavius of Amphitheatrum Flavium, Weaspien and Titus.The oval colosium had a capacity of 50,000 spectators, which was not the usual thing at that time.In this stadium there were bloody battles for mere amusement among warriors. 

8. Mount Fuji

:The Fuji mountain, which is called Fuji Yama (‘Yama’ meaning ‘mountain’ in Japanese language) is also a volcano located on Honshu Island of Japan, which is also the highest mountain in Japan. This mountain has a special place in Japanese culture and it is also called honorably Fuji San (i.e. ‘Fuji Ji’)

9.Christ the Redeemer

:Christ the Redeemer (Portuguese: Cristo Redentor) is a statue of Jesus Christ, established in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, which is considered to be the second largest Art Deco statue in the world.This statue is 9.5 meters (31 feet) The base is 39.6-meter (130 ft) long and 30-meter (98 ft) wide. It weighs 635 tonnes (700 short tons) and is located at the top of the Korkova Mountain mountain in Tijuca Forest National Park, 700 meters (2,300 feet) from which the entire city is visible. It is one of the tallest statues of its kind in the world (Statue of Cristo de la Concordia located in Cochabamba, Bolivia is slightly higher than the statue). As a symbol of Christianity, this statue has become an identity of Rio and Brazil.It is made of strong concrete and sopston, which was constructed between 1922 and 1931.


:Petra is a historic town located in the Man province of Jordan, famous for its stone-shaped buildings and water system. It was founded in the sixth century BC by the Nabats as their capital. It is believed that its construction work began around 1200 BC.It is a famous tourist spot in the modern era. Petra is built on the slopes of a mountain called “Hor” and is located in a gorge surrounded by mountains. This mountain is the eastern boundary of the Valley called “Wadi Arba”, which runs from the Dead Sea to the Gulf of Akab. 

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