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Make A Website:- Nowadays, Making a blog is not  much hard because many of websites are there which makes you very familiar to make your own website design much good looking and the best advantage of those website is the drag & down method which help you a lot to design a blog in just 10 minute.

There is some blog which provides you many theme and templates which help you a lot to make a blog or design a blog by your own self.

Some websites like…….


WordPress is an free open-source management system which powered on the php and MySQL. WordPress is best all around the world I’m also use WordPress from past 5 year’s and WordPress  have a many type of theme and WordPress is used by more than 60 million blog around the world. is 100% free but is not free. 


The blogger is develop by the google and the based on the post and blogs which publish on the blogger. And the blogger is a blogs publishing service and they give the subdomain free to user like ( . 

WIX.COM is an cloud-based web development platform which was first design by a name Wix from the lsraeli. This blog is also gives you the drag & down method for designing your website very easy and fast. 
And so many others....

Step's to make your website

Here is the some step to make your blog in just 10 min with WordPress and follow the all step .

Step 1.Purchase your Domain name

The domain is the name of your blog like ( you can purchase domain for website like Godaddy and many more which give’s you domain at only $3 for a year and can purchase domain name like .com , .net , .org , and many more. 

Step 2.Purchase Web Hosting for site

The Web Hosting services is an type of internet hosting service which run your blog all around the world wide web. And the cost is  $20 – $50 per year and  they gives you a service or hosting where your website is stored.

Step 3.Install WordPress on your site

Now you already purchase Domain name and web hosting for your website lets install  WordPress on your site to design your blog with drag and down and make your site alive. You can easily install WordPress to your hosting just go to the cPenal and click on the manage WordPress, after that just click on install WordPress that’s it.

Step 4. Customize your site

Now you already done three step and now you are ready to customize your website, lets start customizing your site just go to WordPress and click on customize and start customize your website. And after complete the customizing your site. 

Step 5.Now publish your site

Now your blog is customized and now came on the last step , now your can publish your site and alive your site on world wide web.

Just click on publish, That’s it . Now your site is live just search it on google.

I hope that you all like this blog, if like this please comment below and don’t forget share.


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