World Population Day | World Population Day Theme | And Facts

World Population Day

World Population Day :-On July eleventh per annum is a happening referred to as World Population Day. you will not have detected of such each day before however it’s been celebrated for nearly 3 decades. The aim of in this day and age is to focus the world’s attention on the importance of population problems. The Governing Council of the international organization Development Programme suggested its introduction in 1989. The inspiration for this special occasion comes from the interest that was raised by “Five Billion Day” on eleventh July 1987. This was the day once the world’s population reached five billion. “Family coming up with could be a Human Right”, are going to be the main focus of the celebration.

World Population Day

World Population Day

UNFPA works with several partners, each at intervals and outdoors the international organization system, together with Governments, non-governmental organizations, civil society, faith-based organizations, spiritual leaders et al., to realize its mission. to higher reply to native wants, UNFPA more and more devotes resources to country-led efforts, putting stress on country-focused and country-led implementation to realize improved results, at a similar time addressing mutual answerability and strengthening harmonization and alignment.

The theme for 2017 was “Family Planning: Empowering folks, Developing Nations.” Last year’s celebrations coincided with the birth control Summit, the second meeting of the birth control 2020 (FP2020) initiative, that aimed to expand access to voluntary birth control to a hundred and twenty million further girls by 2020.


About World Population Day

Access to safe, voluntary birth control could be a right. it’s conjointly central to gender equality and women’s direction and could be a key consider reducing economic condition.

Yet around the world, some 225 million girls UN agency need to avoid gestation don’t seem to be victimization safe and effective birth control strategies, for reasons starting from lack of access to data or services to lack of support from their partners or communities. Most of those girls with AN unmet demand for contraceptives sleep in sixty-nine of the poorest countries on earth.
It was the massive challenge for the event once the population on the planet has reached around seven billion within the year 2011. in keeping with the choices of the Governing Council of the international organization Development Programme within the year 1989, it had been suggested that eleventh of July per annum ought to be noticed by the community globally and celebrated because the World Population Day so as to boost the notice among common public and ascertain the important solutions to combat with the population problems. it had been begun to focus the specified attention of individuals towards the importance of population problems.


UNFPA has gathered several cases of hurtful and meager techniques people utilize whereas endeavoring to counteract physiological state. Together, these cases feature the pressing have to be compelled to enhance access to, and knowledge concerning, gift day, dependable family arrangement.

In 1989, the Representing Chamber of the Unified Countries Advancement Program prescribed that eleven Gregorian calendar month be seen by the world network as World Population Day, every day to concentrate thought on the earnestness and significance of population problems. This year, on World Population Day, UNFPA can command the topic “Family arrangement may be a right.”

This year points the fiftieth commemoration of the 1968 Universal Gathering on Human Rights, wherever family arrangement was, out of the blue, all around professed to be a person’s right. The Teheran Declaration states, “Guardians have a basic human applicable to make a decision unreservedly and competently the quantity and separating of their youngsters.”Tragically, solid family arrangement techniques square measure distant for a large variety of people around. various resorts to parlous, inconsistent ways, a number of which may be risky.

The aim of the Governing Council of the international organization Development Programme is paying nice attention towards the procreative health issues of the community folks because it is that the leading explanation for the pathological state yet because of the death of the pregnant girls worldwide. it’s been distinguished that around 800 girls square measure dying daily within the procedure of a biological process to a baby. The campaign of the global Population Day per annum will increase the data and skills of the folks worldwide towards their procreative health and birth control.

Around 1.8 billion kids square measure coming into their procreative years and it’s terribly necessary to decision their attention towards the first a part of the procreative health. in keeping with the statistics, it’s noted that the global population on first of January 2014 has been reached to seven,137,661,030. The annual celebration of world population day is planned with various activities and events to form aware folks regarding the truth.

Through this nice awareness celebration, folks square measure inspired to require half within the event to grasp regarding population problems like importance of birth control towards the increasing population, gender equality, maternal and baby health, poverty, human rights, right to health, physiological property education, use of contraceptives and safety measures like condoms, procreative health, adolescent gestation, lady kid education, kid wedding, sexually transmitted infections and then several.

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